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5 Tips for Creating Fondant Toppers like a Pro!

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Cupcakes are always fun to decorate, especially with Fondant. The possibilities are endless for all that you could create using fondant on cupcakes. You could use fondant to create flowers, shapes, cartoon characters, and much more. 

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The downside to making cupcake toppers is they can be really time consuming and if they were to get destroyed you would have make them all over again. Now no one wants to do that!

To avoid any issues, I have a few tips that will surely help you to create some awesome and beautiful cupcake toppers in good amount of time, while being one step ahead.

Tip #1: Having Several Colors of Fondant on hand

When making toppers for cupcakes, it’s best to have several colors of fondant on hand before making your toppers. If you do not have several colors on hand, then it’s also good to have your primary colors on hand because you can use those colors to make other colors as well.

pink cupcake toppers

This not only helps you to make several cake toppers at once, but you will also be able to make them at a faster rate. From experience, I had to make cupcake toppers for a 1st birthday party and it was a candy land theme. I literally had to make all of the colors in the rainbow after looking at the idea for the cupcakes.

rose cupcake toppers

Making all of these colors in one standing slowed things down and I wasn’t able to get started on the cupcakes until the next day. Now, I make sure that I have more than enough of each color on hand before making the cupcake toppers. 

Tip #2: Being Patient 

The thought of making cupcake toppers may sound very time consuming but if you whole heartedly understand that this process make take some time then you will definitely enjoy making cupcake toppers.

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The reason why this process can be very tedious and time consuming is that depending on the design or idea for the cupcakes, you will have to cut out several pieces for the base of the topper. After cutting out the pieces for the base of the toppers, then you will have to cut out the pieces for the decorations that go on the base of the topper.

Keep in mind that you will have to cut out enough pieces for each cupcake. That is pretty much why making cupcake toppers can take a lot of time to make but in the end they will look amazing. 

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You will also have to patient enough to allow the toppers to dry so that they will be firm enough to sit on the cupcake. If the fondant is too soft it will sag down over the icing. So it’s best to allow your toppers to dry over night so that way they will be nice and firm but still soft enough to eat. 

Tip #3: Make toppers in Advance 

I highly recommend making your cupcake toppers in advance. Making them in advance will save you lots of time, stress, and the risk of forgetting something in the design. In anything that I do, especially cakes, I cannot stand rushing to do them.

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I believe that it takes away from the ability to be creative. My best cakes are the ones that I made when I prepared everything in advance and took advantage of ALL of the time that I had available to make those cakes.

But in some cases you will not be able to have all of the time that you would like to make your cupcake toppers so therefore its best to be able to work quickly at all times. After making them in advance, it’s best to store them in an air tight container so that they will remain fresh and neat as the way they were when you first made them. 

Tip #4: Make extra toppers

Making extra cupcake toppers is something that any baker should do. There’s so many things that could happen and cause you to lose some of those cupcake topper that you prepared in advance.

Christmas desserts

For example, you could drop one, one could get eaten, or it could get destroyed in the process of you making other desserts. I have had all of this happen to me and ever since then, I will make at least 5-10 extra toppers just incase if something out of the ordinary happened. 

Tip #5: Practice make Perfect

The more you practice making something the better you get at it. This is very true because over the years I have learned so many things from my mistakes in decorating cakes.

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Now I know that it’s best to prepare in advance, schedule daily tasks to complete for cupcake toppers, and actually plan out the process for making any dessert. 

So what now……

Using all of these tips, I’m sure you will be able to make some amazing cake toppers and you can also apply these same tips to any other dessert that you create. Please feel free to share any of your tips for making cupcake toppers. As always, remember to have fun with it and allow your creative abilities to flourish. 


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