Using the Baby Shark Play-Doh set for Cakes

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Everyone in my family knows that I’m cheap so I’m not ashamed to admit that. I truly believe in putting my money towards things that matter the most. So due to the fact that my drawing skills are still a work in progress, I would usually print out a picture of the object that I need to cut out for that cake and use that as a template to cut out the fondant. But here is where I came up with the brilliant idea to use the Baby Shark Play-doh set for this cake.

The cake in particular that I was making was a Baby Shark cake for my son’s second birthday. I have made at least two baby shark cakes in the past and when it came down to cutting out each shark, let’s just say it took while to get each one completed. So with that in mind, I will take you through the process of how I used the Baby Shark Play-doh set to make a cake and how it’s pretty much the same as using regular ole fondant cutter.

Purchasing the Kit

At this point I searched for Baby Shark Fondant cutters online and the prices were ridiculous for just one shark. The cheap side of me kicked in and thought that there had to be a cheaper option to this.

babky shark kit

That’s when I located the Play-doh Baby Shark kit online and decided to give it a try.

What does the kit include:

The kit was a great option because it included 21 tools, including the shark bodies in two different sizes, mouths, eyes, mustache, and more. I was very pleased with Kit and got to work on those baby shark as soon as it was delivered.

baby shark tools

Before getting to work, I first and foremost sanitized each piece to prevent any harsh chemicals or bacteria from contaminating the fondant or cake.

Preparing the colors

Next, if you do not have all of those colors on hand for each shark, I recommend dividing 1 ball of fondant in to 9 colors based upon those colors of play-doh included in the kit. Once you have made each color, cover them in plastic wrap until it’s time for use.

Putting the Shark Bodies together

Starting with Baby Shark, use one size of the shark body to cut out the body and continue this process until you have cut out each shark body for the entire family. Now you will cut out the white piece for the stomach for each shark. After each piece had been cut out, you now proceed to following the same process for the eyes and the mouth.

baby shark

On Grandpa shark and Grandma shark you will cut out the mustache and the glasses separately. Now that each piece has been cut out, you can now put together each shark.

baby shark mouth and star fish

The kit also has a ruffle rolling pin attachment that can be used to make waves, a starfish and shell cutter, and a mini fish mold. All of these items can be used to enhance the design of your cake.

sea weed


I can truly say that this Play-doh kit did the trick. First and foremost it was not costly and each piece was precise with the cut, while being very easy to use. Last but not least, there was so many pieces down to every character and its features.

Completed baby shark cake

I highly recommend using the Baby Shark Play-Doh Set for cakes, especially in those times where you are unable to locate what you need online. In the picture above you can see how well the cake came out and it was a hit for my son’s party at the Great Wolf Lodge. Please feel free to share all of your thoughts and comments on this. This is my first time using a Play-doh kit and I would like to know if anyone has tried this and what were your experiences using a kit like this. Thanks and God Bless!


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