The Easiest Way To Make a Geode Cake!

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Geode Cakes have been a very popular trend for quite some time now. There’s several designs that you can put together using this trend. I have always loved Geodes and the thought of combining them with cakes was even more amazing. So, whats the easiest way to make a geode cake?

geode cake

Looking at it, you might think that it’s pretty difficult, but after this tutorial you will see that it’s very simple to make. Below are a list of materials that you will need to make a Geode Cake.

Items Needed:

  • Rock Candy (gradient colors)
  • Carving Tool
  • Fondant
  • Edible Metallic Paint
  • Cake Turntable
  • Cake Smoothers
  • Cake Carving Knife
  • Frosting
  • Three Layered Cake
  • Thin Paint brush

Step 1: Leveling Cake Layers

The achieve sharp edges and flat surfaces on your cake, it all begins with leveling each cake layer. Aside from leveling the cake layers, it’s also best to stack each layer on top of each other after they’ve been leveled and begin smoothing out the surface around the cake.

This will promote a smooth surface around the cake. If you would like to read more tips for successfully leveling a cake, please feel free to check out How to Stack, Fill and Level a Cake like a Pro for more tips.

Step 2: Crumb Coating the Cake

Once you have achieved a flat surface around and on top of the cake, you can now crumb coat the cake. Place the cake into the refrigerator to crust over for 30 minutes. I know you make feel like this is a little unnecessary, but it will help to have a firm surface when adding fondant to your cake.

If the surface is too soft, your cake will slide back and forth as you’re trying to smooth out the fondant on your cake. It may also make your cake lean to one side, so please give yourself a 30 minute break by letting the cake crust over.

Step 3: Adding Fondant to the Cake

To make the two-toned fondant, start by placing one color on top of the other.

purple and white fondant

Then begin twisting the two together.

mixing tow colors of fondant for the geode cake

After twisting them together, begin rolling the fondant into the shape of the cake that you’re covering.

rolling out the fondant

Make sure not to over mix the fondant because it will turn into one solid color instead of three shades of color such as dark purple, light purple and white.

Step 4: Carving into the Cake

In this step, you will carve out a section of the cake.

marking sections of the cake to cut

It’s really up to you on where you would like to place the rock candy on the cake.

cutting out pieces or cake for the geode cake

For this tutorial, I decided to carve out two sections of the cake, on the top and bottom of the cake. While doing so, make sure the surface is flat on the inside or center of the section that is carved out.

dark purple rock candy

After carving out a section. of the cake, add buttercream to the exterior of the section you carved out. This will help the rock candy to stick to the cake.

Step 5: Adding The Rock Candy

I believe this is the easiest step in the process of making the Geode Cake. I decided to purchase rock candy from Party City.

dark purple and light purple rock candy for the geode cake.

To remove the rock candy from the stick, take a large metal spoon and tap the rock candy while it’s in the original packaging.

three shades of purple rock candy added to the cake

The rock candy will start to fall off of the stick. You can also remove the rock candy from the stick by breaking it with your hands.

adding all colors of rock candy to the cake

I chose to create a gradient shade of purple/amethyst. After adding the rock candy, I chose to add Edible Gold Paint to the outer edge of the Geode and along the lines on the fondant.

side view of the completed geode cake

This is completely optional, but it will enhance the look of your cake.

Woohoo! You have now made Geode Cake…..the EASY way!

As you can see, this technique is the easiest way to make a geode cake. It may look to be a little intimidating at first, but with this guide it will be a piece of cake, literally! Also, please keep in mind that geodes come in many different colors so feel free to use your artistic abilities to create something unique.

completed geode cake

As always, do your best to have fun with it and if you have something or a better technique in mind for creating a Geode Cake, I would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks Everyone!


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