How To Simply Make a Rainbow Sprinkle Cake.

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When I first got into making cakes, the first type of cake that I attempted to make was a cake covered in sprinkles. Looking at the picture, I thought that it would be a simple task, until I actually started to put the sprinkles on the cake.

Things became really messy fast and I was too inexperienced for this job. Long story short, I gave up and decided to try again later. I felt a little defeated because I really wanted to make that cake. But I’m actually glad that I failed at first because I’ve learned how to simply make this rainbow sprinkle cake.

The great thing about making this Rainbow Sprinkle Cake is that it’s fully covered in sprinkles. Which means that you don’t have to add any decorations to it after covering it in sprinkles. Yes, you can add other decorations if you’d like, but you really don’t have to. I also love how the sprinkles come in so many colors, shapes and sizes to create a unique look for the cake.

Items needed:

  • Cake
  • Buttercream
  • Sprinkles
  • Cake Smoother
  • Large Sheet Pan
  • Turn Table

Tip 1: Determine the amount of Sprinkles needed to cover the cake.

For this tutorial, I used Rainbow Colored Sprinkles. I purchased these Sprinkles in Bulk from They have all sorts of colors to choose from and offer speedy delivery service. Depending on the size of the sprinkles and cake, you can determine how much you will need for a cake.

rainbow sprinkles

For a three tiered cake, I used two 1 pound bags of regular sized sprinkles. If you are using dot sprinkles, you may need 3-4 bags of Sprinkles. So basically it depends on the type of Sprinkles that you’ll be using and size of each cake tier to gauge how much you will need for your project.

Tip 2: Make Sure the cake is fully covered in Buttercream.

To get started, make sure that the cake is crumb coated before adding the sprinkles to your cake. The buttercream will act as glue for holding the sprinkles on to the cake.

adding sprinkles to cake

Also make sure the layer of buttercream on your cake is slightly thick because you want to make sure that none of the actual cake is visible. It also helps to have firm buttercream because if the buttercream is too soft, the sprinkles may become too heavy and cause the buttercream to droop on the sides.

Tip 3: Place the cake in a sheet pan

To get started, place the cake inside of a large sheet pan on a Cake Turntable and begin adding the sprinkles to the cake. The Sheet Pan will help prevent the sprinkles from falling on the counter and floors.

adding sprinkles to sides of cake

I also suggest that you’re near a sink while adding the sprinkles to the cake because if any sprinkles do fall on the counter you can wipe them into the garbage disposal which comes in handy when it’s time to clean up.

Tip 4: Smooth out the Edges

After adding all of the sprinkles to the cake, lightly smooth out the edges and surface of the cake. While doing so, lightly press the sprinkles into the cake so that they do not fall off of the cake.

pressing sprinkles on to cake

There will still be some sprinkles that come off of the cake, but this will help to retain majority of the sprinkles on the cake.

You Rainbow Sprinkle Cake is now complete!

Now that the cake is complete, you can add fondant to the cake as well as chocolate drizzle to enhance the design of the cake. For this particular cake, I added a ribbon and bow made from fondant.

There are other techniques out there for applying sprinkles to cakes, such as placing the sprinkles into the pan and rolling the cake on to the sprinkles, but that just sounds a little too risky for me.

3 tier rainbow cake.

We all have certain techniques that work for us, therefore I highly recommend choosing a technique that works best for you. Please feel free to share those techniques and what has worked for you on covering cakes in Sprinkles. Thanks Everyone!


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