How to Ship a Cake in 4 Easy Steps

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I’ve always been nervous about shipping a cake. It just seemed impossible for a cake to survive being shipped to another location from your very own refrigerator. If you would like to know how to ship a cake in 4 easy steps, please stay tuned to learn how I managed to tackle this job.

how to ship a cake in 4 easy steps

After doing tons of research and trying it out for myself, I found that shipping a cake is truly safe and definitely doable. As with any project, having the right tools or items will make this job easy.

So here’s a list of items I used and also items that you can use to make this job easier. 

  • 1 styrofoam cooler or styrofoam box kit
  • 1 box
  • Plastic Wrap
  • 2 Gel ice packs
  • Foil
  • Bubble wrap (optional)
  • Packaging Paper (optional)

Step 1: Preparing The Cake. 

To prepare the cake to be shipped, properly seal the cake in plastic wrap. Make sure that the cake is fully covered in 3-4 layers of plastic wrap. Next, you will fully cover the outside of the cake with foil wrap.

Wrapping a cake in plastic wrap.

Both layers of plastic wrap and foil will secure the cake from getting a freezer taste during the freezing process and will prevent any moisture from entering the while the cake is being shipped.

covering a cake in a layer of foil.

After wrapping the cake, place the cake into the freezer for 24-48 hours. The cake needs to be rock solid before being shipped. 

Placing a cake in the freezer to prepare it to be shipped.

Step 2: Determine Size of Box

It’s very beneficial to take measurements of the cake after it’s been wrapped in order to get the correct size needed for the box. For this project I used the dimensions of the cake to find a styrofoam cooler that would properly hold the cake.

Materials needed to ship a cake

Then I use the dimensions of the cooler to find a box that would properly hold the cooler. To make this process easier, I suggest ordering a shipping kit that comes with the styrofoam box and shipping box together. This will make your job easier. 

Step 3: Packing The Cake

To properly pack the cake, place the cake inside the cooler while adding 1-2 layers of bubble wrap on top of the cake. Then lay two gel ice packs on top of the bubble wrap. Try to make sure that there’s no wiggle room inside the box to avoid and impressions into the cake during shipment.

Placing the cake and ice packs into the cooler to be shipped

Once that is complete, place the lid on top of the cooler. Please know that the process packing the cooler will be the same if you ordered a shipping kit. Now you will place the cooler or styrofoam box into the actual box.

covering cooler in bubble wrap to be shipped

If you do not have a shipping kit, you may need to wrap the cooler in bubble wrap and add packaging paper to the box to prevent the cooler from sliding back and forth in the box. Once the box has been sealed off, it’s now ready to be shipped. 

using packing paper to ship a cake

Step 4: Shipping The Cake

To get the best rates for shipping a cake, it’s best to get a free rate online using the weight, dimension, and shipping destination. I highly recommend shipping a cake over night just to make sure that it arrives to its location quickly.

how to ship a cake in 4 easy steps

It will survive two day shipping as well. But if you can ship it over night, you’d save yourself multitudes of stress. Another factor to keep in mind is to label the package fragile and perishable. This will also prevent the cake from any harsh damages. 

My overall experience: 

So with that being said, I have learned so much from shipping my first cake and showing you all how to ship a cake in 4 easy steps. If you’re having your doubts like me, just try it out. I recommend trying it with a family member first just to get a feel for things before working with an actual customer.

I sent this cake to my nephew in Los Angeles and it actually arrived two days later than the estimated delivery date. However the cake was still in tact and tasted great. If you would like to see how other cake decorators are shipping their cakes, please check out the Top 100 Cake Blogs on for tips and recommendations.

I have had the wonderful opportunity of being featured in that top 100 list and there’s so many great bakers who are experts when it comes to baking. Overall, I would love to hear all of your experiences with shipping a cake and how it worked or didn’t work for you. Thanks!


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