How to make a Beautiful Rosette Cake without Gaps

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Rosette cakes are absolutely gorgeous! They’re the perfect go to cakes for all types of events and holidays such as birthdays, gender reveals, Mother’s Day, and much more. Rosette Cakes are also very easy to make.

It’s so simple that even a baby could do it. Well, maybe not a baby but you know what I mean. So for this tutorial you will not only learn how to make a rosette cake, but also how to fill in those annoying gaps that show up as you’re piping the rosettes on to the cake.

Let’s get to it! 

Tools needed: 

  • 3 layers of cake
  • 2 large bowls of Buttercream or Frosting (the rosettes use a lot of frosting/buttercream)
  • Cake leveler or carving knife
  • Cake scraper
  • Cake Turn Table
  • Large Piping bag
  • 1M Piping Tip

Leveling Cake Layers:

As with any cake, it’s best to first level the cake to make sure that each layer is properly sticking to the buttercream. This will help the cake from being unstable. Some say that it’s not a big deal to stack a cake while it still has a domed top, but I believe that it’s just a recipe for disaster.

Think of it this way, all houses are built with a foundation, but without that foundation the house wouldn’t be able to stand because there would not be any support to hold it up. So if the cake isn’t evenly leveled, then it can could easily tilt over.

After leveling each layer of cake, fill each layer with buttercream or your desired filling flavor for the cake. If you will be placing a different flavor of filling on the inside of the cake, its best to pipe a rim of buttercream on to the edge of the cake layer so that none of the cake filling will spill out. This is highly recommended for your fruit fillings such as strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and so on.

Crumb Coating Cake:

Crumb coating the cake is very important in all stages of decorating a cake. The crumb coat acts as glue for  a second layer of buttercream or an outer layer of fondant. The crumb coat will help each rosette to properly stick to the cake without falling off of the cake.

The crumb coat will also blend in with those tiny gaps in between each rosette. But there’s a trick to closing each gap in between each rosette. I will explain more as we going on.

Piping the Rosettes:

For each layer of cake, pipe out a row of rosettes around the cake. So for example if your cake has three layers, you will have three rows of rosettes. If you are unable to see those layers, you can try using the Ruler Leveler to mark two lines around the cake so that you will be able to see where to pipe out three rows of Rosettes.

Using a number 1M piping tip, start pressing the tip against the cake so that some of the buttercream will come out of the piping tip. Then pull up and pipe around as if you are drawing a circle.

The trick to closing those gaps in between each rosette is to make sure that you’re placing each rosette close together and when you begin piping the second layer of rosettes on top of the first one, do not pipe a rosette on top of another rosette. It’s best to pipe the rosette in between the crack where it’s shaped like a ‘’V’’.

At the point where you end off the rosette, begin making another rosette by piping out a little buttercream and them move the piping tip into the a circular motion as stated earlier. To cut off the end of the rosette, softly press the piping tip down on the cake and lift it up off of the cake.

This will help to cut off the buttercream so that you can begin piping another rosette. By doing this you will not only close each gap in between each rosette, but you will also have evenly layered rosettes.

Decorating the Rosette Cake:

After piping each rosette around the cake, you can add different pieces to the cake to complete your desired design of the cake. You could use a cake topper, edible glitter, fondant work such as little fondant flower buds on each center of the rosette, or airbrush paint for a silver or gold finish.

For this tutorial, I chose to try the Wilton Edible Gold Spray, this spray worked pretty well over top of the rosettes.

However, it did start to run a little, so if you are trying to get an even finish you can also try using a Cake Decorating Airbrush kit, I use this all the time, especially when I have to cover anything in a gold or silver finish.

Storing the Rosette Cake:

It’s best to store Rosette Cakes in the refrigerator after making them because in extreme cases such as hot weather, the rosettes could melt and fall off of the cake. This actually happened to me when I first started out making cakes and I had made a rosette cake with cream cheese frosting for my brother’s girlfriend at the time.

As I was delivering the cake to my brother, we opened the box and noticed that the rosettes came off of the cake. At that time I couldn’t figure out why that had happened, but I was super determined to make sure that it wouldn’t happen again.

Now looking back on this particular situation, I realized that the temperature in the car was pretty warm due to the fact that I had the heat on and the cream cheese frosting was pretty soft.

Now that you’ve just made a Rosette Cake, you can now move on to trying out other cool designs for your Rosette cake. You can make an Ombre Rosette, a two toned swirl rosette cake, or whatever you choose. These cakes are so adorable, especially when using it for a smash cake during a photo session.

So always remember to have fun with these cakes and do not be afraid to put your creative ideas to the test. I’m sure that whatever you guys create, that it will look amazing. Please feel free to show me what you all create! I would love to see pics!

Tips for Success:

Tip 1: If you happen to mess up while piping out a rosette, you can always use an icing spatula to remove the rosettes and begin piping another rosette onto the cake. To remove the rosette, take the icing spatula and slide it up under the rosette and lift it up off of the cake. After removing the rosette make sure to remove as much of the rosette so that the surface is flat. This will keep everything even and uniform.

Tip 2: Make sure to have a lot of buttercream or frosting on hand because the rosettes will use a lot of frosting. Two large bowls of Frosting or Buttercream will suffice for this project.

Tip 3: Use firm frosting or buttercream for your Rosettes because if the Frosting or Buttercream is too soft, it will fall off of the cake.


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