How to make a Unicorn Egg Cake

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Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It’s always a joyous time to celebrate the life and death of Jesus Christ and what he has done for us. Along with celebrating the life of Jesus, I also like to dabble is arts and crafts with my children.

There’s so many cool crafts out there that you can choose to make. While searching to find crafts to make with my children, I found an interesting craft that was really cool to make.

It was a egg that was decorated like a unicorn. I absolutely love unicorns and the fact that you could combine that with Easter was amazing to me. So for this tutorial, I will be showing you all how I made this cool Unicorn Easter Egg cake.

To get started, here is what you will need: 

  • 4 layers of cake ( 6 inches)
  • 2 cups of frosting 
  • Fondant 
  • Carving knife 
  • Icing spatula 
  • Cake smoother 
  • Fondant smoother 
  • Exact knife 
  • Turntable 
  • Lollipop stick (unicorn) 

Step 1: Carving the Cake into a the shape of a Egg

Before carving the cake, I recommend freezing it over night so that it will be easy to cut. Freezing the cake will also provide you with a nice and precise cut on your cake. 

To carve the shape of an egg, start by carving at the top and working your way towards the bottom. If you actually need to see the shape of an egg you can always use an egg as the prop for your cake. It’s best to work quickly because the cake will be melting and getting soft while you’re carving the cake.

How to carve the cake.

When you’re carving the bottom of the cake, its best to round off the bottom of the cake so that it will look as if the egg is actually sitting up on the cake board. For example, if you were to sit the egg up on a table, you will see the bottom is round near the bottom edge of the cake. Therefore its best to round off the bottom edge so that it will look like an actual egg.

Step 2: Crumb Coating the Cake 

Crumb Coating a cake is a very easy and critical step to maintaining the shape of your cake. Crumb coating the cake will also help to retain that moisture inside of the cake as well. As you are filling each layer with frosting, remember to press down on each layer to prevent the cake from shifting throughout the rest of the process.

After you’ve filled each layer of cake with frosting, now you can begin crumb coating the cake. I highly recommend using a small icing spatula for crumb coating a cake that has a very soft texture because a large spatula will pull the cake off of the cake as you’re crumb coating the cake.

How to crumb coat the cake.

Once the whole cake is crumb coated with icing, begin smoothing out the icing with the smoother. This will help to prepare your cake for fondant. It will also lay down any flaky sides of the cake so that the surface is smooth under the fondant. At this point, allow the cake to crust over in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

Step 3: Covering the Cake in Fondant 

Now that the cake has crusted over, you can begin rolling out the fondant. Its best to roll out the fondant to 1/4 of an in thick. This is very important because if the fondant is too thin, you can actually see the layers of cake through the fondant. No one wants a lumpy looking cake! After you have covered the cake with fondant, use two fondant smoothers to smooth out the side of the cake.

how to cover the cake in fondant.

Step 4: Making the Unicorn Horn

To make the unicorn horn, begin rolling a ball of fondant. After forming the ball of fondant, start to roll it out into a strip of fondant using both hands. As you are rolling out the fondant, make one side gradually lead to a thinner end. This will create a sharp point at the end of the horn.

How to make the unicorn horn.

Now that the fondant has been rolled out, use a long lollipop stick and begin wrapping the fondant around the lollipop stick. To make the fondant stick to the lollipop stick, add a little water to the stick using a small brush.

Once all of the fondant has been wrapped on to the lollipop stick, lightly roll the horn against the surface of your work space so that it will all completely stick to the lollipop stick.

how to make a unicorn horn.

Step 5: Cutting out the Ears, Flowers and Eye Lashes

To make the ears for the Unicorn Egg, start by rolling out a small piece of white fondant. Using a medium sized heart cutter, cut out two hearts.

how to make the unicorn ears.

Now you will roll out a small piece of pink fondant for the inside of the ear. Using a small heart cutter, cut out two small hearts.

how to make the unicorn ears.

After each heart has been cut out, lay the pink small heart over top of the medium sized white heart and begin to cut at the arches. Now you have two Unicorn Egg ears.

how to use fondant cutters.

As for making the pink and purple flowers, I used medium sized flower plunger to cut out each flower.

how to cut out fondant flowers.

You can add a decorative finish to each flower using a candy pearl for the center of the flower.

Fondant Flowers

The green leaves were cut using a leaf plunger as well. Plunger cutters are very easy to use and can make the process for preparing decorations for your cake go by much faster.

how to cut out fondant leaves.

To make the eye lashes, start by cutting out two circles.

how to make fondant eyelashes.

After cutting out two circles, use the same circle cutter to cut out a very thin crescent shape. Now you will begin to shape the eyelashes to your very own preference.

how to make unicorn eyelashes

All Done!! 

Now that you have made this Unicorn Egg Cake, I have no doubt that you will go on to create something more spectacular.

How to make a Unicorn Egg Cake.

Don’t be afraid to try different techniques with your Unicorn Egg Cake or any cake in general. I hope that you have found this tutorial to be very useful and as always remember to have fun with it!


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