How to make a Minecraft Cake: In 5 Easy Steps

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In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to make this cool Minecraft cake in 5 easy steps. This cake is so easy to make and doesn’t consist of any special techniques to achieve this look. I will admit that this cake is a little time consuming to make. So please make sure your schedule is cleared out because you’ll be cutting out squares of fondant for days!

Step 1: Getting a Perfectly Square Cake

We all know Minecraft is nothing but a bunch of blocks being placed together to creat all sorts of things such as homes, tools, food and more. Therefore, it’s best to shoot for a perfectly square cake. You can go about this in two different ways.

But the easiest way to achieve a perfectly square cake is to bake the cake in a cake pan that has sharp edges. This great because you will not have to go through the process of carving the cake, which can take plenty of time and leaves room for error.

Step 2: First Layer of Fondant

Now that we have a perfectly square cake, let move on to preparing the cake for Fondant. In this step you can either crumb coat the cake with Buttercream or Ganache.

Ganache will provide a more sturdy surface for the cake. But buttercream works great in harsh temperatures, so it’s best to keep this in mind when you’re preparing any cake.

After, crumb coating the cake, which consists of two layers of Buttercream or Ganache, you can now add fondant to the cake. If you will be using Ganache, add a thin layer of shortening to the cake. This will help adhere the fondant to the cake.

This part is optional, but I highly recommend it. For example, if the Buttercream or Ganache was to soften up and you didn’t add the outer layer of fondant and just the squares of fondant, the buttercream and ganache would seep through the cracks of the squares. Trust me, no one wants that!

Step 3: Prepare each Color

After the cake has been covered in a thin layer of Fondant, you can now begin preparing each color for the squares. I used 6 different colors. Those colors consisted of gradient green and brown.

Step 4: Cutting Mini Squares

This step is very simple and yet VERY time consuming. I used square plungers to cut perfectly shaped squares but I’m sure there’s other great products out there that will work just as well as the plungers and will help you cut out several at one time.

Step 5: Completing the Cake

As for the last step in this tutorial on how to make a Minecraft cake in 5 easy steps, you can begin placing all of the squares on to the cake.

I used water to apply the squares to the cake and if you don’t want to use water, edible glue works just as well. I started out with brown to represent the dirt and eventually moving onto green to represent the grass.

Try placing the squares close together to avoid any gaps in between them. This will also help to prevent the fondant underneath the squares from being seen. As you can see, it’s pretty much a simple process and does not require too much attention to detail.

I hope you have enjoyed following this super easy and fun tutorial on how to make a Minecraft cake in 5 easy steps. I also hope to hear how this tutorial has helped you and any cool and helpful tips you have discovered to make this job all the more easy to create. Thank you for checking out SNS Cake Bakery’s Tips and Tricks.


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