How to create a 3D Spider-Man Bodice Cake!

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For starter’s, I will provide you all with a little overview of my experiences with making this cake. Now, I’m not going to say this was a walk in the park, but definitely not a project that can be done over night. After looking at this cake for the first time, I thought to myself like dude I definitely can’t do that.

But after actually coming up with a step by step process, I was able to get the job done. I do have to say, that these blogs and video tutorials are extremely helpful whenever you are unsure on how to make a cake or anything in general. 

I found so many helpful tools and tutorials out there, that I was actually able to make this cake without experiencing extreme difficulty. This cake will definitely get you out of your comfort zone because it’s very different from working with a normal round or square cake.

But with this tutorial, you will be able to make this cake and avoid all of the issues I had. This tutorial will also be your one stop shop for finding all of the necessary information needed for making this cake a success. 

As with any project, you will first need to gather all of the materials to make this Spider-Man bodice Cake. 

Cake can feed up to 40 people 

Tools Needed:

Hardware (for frame)

  • 1 drill
  • 1 drill bit 
  • 4 screws 

Cake Frame & Board:

  • 1 and 1/2 inch thick wooden board (cut 18×20 inched)
  • 2 pvc pipe 
  • 1 pvc cross 
  • 1 45 degree pvc elbow 
  • PVC Pipe cutter 
  • 1 flange 
  • 2 male and female pipe attachments
  • Fancy foil
  • Glue stick 


  • 1 large drawing of Spiderman


  • 2 Large bowls of Rice Krispy Treat
  • 6 layers of cake 
  • Buttercream 
  • Ganache 
  • 4 balls of fondant (2 red and 2 blue) 
  • 2 balls of black Fondant (mainly to cover cake board)
  • 1 ball of white fondant 

Key note: Clean all PVC pipe and cover with plastic wrap. After covering it with plastic wrap, use a heat gun to make melt the plastic wrap to the PVC pipe. It’s best to have it on a low setting and lightly go over the plastic wrap because it will burn if you are not careful. 

Please make sure to do this before applying cake to PVC pipe.

Step 1: Making a template

To make the template for the 3D Spider-Man bodice cake, I used my iPad Pro to draw out the shape. My reasons for do this was to make sure that I had the correct shape.

It also helped to make sure that the cake will completely fit onto the board and how to gauge where to install the flange onto the wooden cake board. 

Next, I rolled out a large piece of paper and used my sketch from the iPad as a guide to draw the physical copy of Spider-Man. (Side note, the size of the template/drawing was based upon the serving size and cake board. 

Step 2: Measuring the PVC pipe

Now that you have used the template to gauge where to place the flange onto the wooden cake board. Take an edible marker and place four dots into each hole of the flange where the screws will go.

This will help you to remember where to place the flange just incase if you move it off of the cake board before attaching it. 

After place the flange on to the desired location of the cake board, begin making a cross using the PVC pipe, with the right side extending out further. Place a piece of double sided tape onto the PVC pipe to attach the template to the frame.

This will help you to see where to cut the PVC. Now you will cut the PVC pipe at the elbow of the template and in the middle of the head of the template. This will make life much easier when it comes to attaching the hand and head to the cake. 

Step 3: Connecting the flange and PVC to wooden board

For this cake, I placed the flange in the middle of the cake board, near the right side of the cake board. The arm will extend off of the cake board but by placing the flange close to the edge on the right side will have only the hand and part of the forearm hanging off of the cake board. 

It’s best to keep in mind that the heaviest part should be on the board, such as the torso to prevent the cake from leaning. 

After the holes have been marked on the board, begin drilling small dents into the board using a drill attachment. Be careful not to drill all the way through the board because it will prevent the board from holding the PVC pipe in place.

Now that you have made the small dents for the holes in which the screws will go into, begin placing the screws into each hole, attaching the flange to the wooden board. 

Step 4: Setting up the Cake Structure

Now that you have successfully attached the flange to the cake board, you can begin setting up the actual structure for the cake. 

The PVC pipe that was used for the arm was cut at 16 inches and the actual pole that was attached to the flange was cut at 10 inches with 6 inches for the bottom half of the PVC cross and 4 inches on the top half, where the head will sit on the cake. 

As stated earlier, these measurements were based off of the serving size of 40 people, so its best to alter these measurements based upon what your exact serving size is.

Step 5: Stacking the Cake:

In this process, level the cake layers as you would normally level a cake because this will help the cake to maintain a flat and strong structure. After leveling the cake, cut that layer direct in half and place it around the PVC pipe.

Press the cake up against the PVC pipe so that you will see where to cut out a circle of cake so that it will easily fit around the PVC pipe. After cutting the circle out for the first layer, do the same to the following layers of cake. After each hole has been cut out, you can now begin filling and stacking the cake.

To piece back together the layers that have been cut in half, place a small amount of buttercream on one side of the cake and press both sides together around the PVC pipe.

Step 6: Carving the Cake:

Now here is where that template comes in handy. Place the drawing up against the cake to use as a base to carve around. This will help with getting the actual shape for this Spider-Man bodice cake.

Once, you have carved the cake using the template, now you can begin actually carving into the cake to make it look more realistic. Spider-Man isn’t really muscular, so carving out a moderate shape of the pecks, triceps, and neckline will get the job done.

Step 7: Adding Rice Krispy:

A great way to make the rice Krispy stick to the PVC pipe is by adding melted marshmallows to the exterior of the pole. This will help the Rice Krispy to stick and stay in place.

Begin adding the rice Kristy on to the arm of the PVC pipe until you have reached the same thickness of the template. As for Spider-Man’s head, begin making a ball out of Rice Krispy. Once you have a good size place it up against the template to gauge how big the head should be.

This will help you to make a proportional sized head. Spider-Man would look pretty weird with an oversized head and tiny torso. No one wants that!

After molding the head, place it into the PVC pipe to gauge how you will need to carve it. You will also need to carve the arm as well. This will help to prevent any lumps from showing through the fondant.

Now that the cake has been carved to your liken, cover the cake and head in ganache. The ganache will provide a firm outer shell for your cake and this will also prevent any lumps from showing underneath the fondant. After placing the ganache over the cake and head, place both into the refrigerator for 30 minutes to 1 hour to crust over. 

Step 8: Covering the cake in Fondant:

Before covering the cake in fondant, place a small amount of shortening on the ganache because it will not stick without it. When it comes to covering the cake in fondant, start with the color blue for both arms and torso. Roll out a large piece of blue fondant and place it onto the cake horizontally from one arm to the other.

After placing the blue fondant on the cake, you can now begin covering the head, hand and forearm with red fondant. The head will be covered in red fondant separately and once it is complete, place it on to the PVC to add the Web and eyes.

Adding the final details:

For this portion of the tutorial, add the eyes, web (to the red portion of the cake) and spider logo (on the from and back) as the final details of this spider-man bodice cake.

To provide a more realistic look, lightly airbrush the cake with black edible airbrush paint. 

Congratulations, you just made a 3D Spider Man Cake

This is an awesome cake to make for someone who loves Spider-Man or a big fan of Marvel Comics. Even though it may be a little difficult to make, it will actually bring out your truest potential as a cake decorator. More than anything, always remember to have fun with your cakes.


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