Choosing the best tools in Cake Decorating.

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As with all professions, choosing the best tools in cake decorating can make any job successful. With the right tools, you’ll be able to create cakes and desserts just like the pros. I’m not gonna lie, in some cases it does take years of skill at applying certain techniques in cake decorating. But don’t let that discourage you because the more you practice, the better you’ll become at decorating cakes.

If you’re not sure of where to start, this article will surely provide you with a list of the best tools to use in cake decorating. For starters, do your research on what products are best to use. There are several books, online tutorials, and blog post out there that will show you how a product works plus the pros and the cons. This will be best at narrowing down your search in finding the best tools for you. But 9 times out of 10, you already have some of these tools on hand in your very own kitchen.

Spatulas- when it comes to cake decorating, spatulas will become your best friend. At the very least, you will want to make sure that you have both a flat and an offset spatula.

Cake Leveler- A cake leveler is a funny-looking tool that is fun to use once you perceive what it’s for. A cake leveler is used to cut off the domed top part of a cake. A cake leveler, will either have a metal frame with an attached thin wire stretched between two opposite posts or a plastic frame with a metal blade in the middle used to cut the cake.

Piping Tips- There are several metal and plastic decorating tips to try in the world of cake decorating. To make it easy on yourself, start by purchasing one of those beginner piping tips sets that come with all the basic piping tips, including round tips numbers 3 and 12, rose 104 tip, the leaf 352 tip, and the two basic star piping tips (16 and 21).

Piping Bags- These are the fundamental tools of any cake decorator. There are 3 different options to try when it comes to piping bag. You can try using the reusable plastic decorating bags. You can choose from paper triangle bags that are made out of parchment paper. You can create your own paper cone bags, or you can choose a plastic piping bag.

Flower Nails- One of the great aspects of using cake decorating tools is that you get to use unique tools with names like flower “nails.” These are special picks that can be used to carve out flowers, especially roses, out of icing.

A Turntable- What is a cake decorator to do without a plastic turntable? Metal turntable make it easier to decorate a round cake. You can turn your cake easily while you work.

Cake Insulators- Cake Insulators come in handy during the baking process. They are used to wrap around the exterior of the cake pan. Cake insulators help to prevent the cake from browning on the sides or baking unevenly.

Gel and liquid coloring: Gel and liquid colors are used to alter the color of your icing. The liquid colors work best for altering the color of a cake and icing. These are more desirable over any kind of food coloring because they won’t dilute the consistency of the icing or cake batter that you’re working with. Gel colors are perfect for altering the color of fondant These usually come in pots of thick dye.

Paper Dollies- Paper Dollies can be used as a decorative finish by being placed on top of a cake tier. They provide beautiful and polished look to the cake design.

Paintbrushes- Kitchen and cake decorating paintbrushes can be very helpful and a lot of fun to work with. You can use cake decorating paintbrushes that are used for bag striping methods.

Toothpicks- Toothpicks are great for removing air bubbles and tiny objects from a cake. They are also great for checking if a cake is fully cooked in the center.


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