Cupcakes, Fondant

5 Tips for Creating Fondant Toppers like a Pro!

Cupcakes are always fun to decorate, especially with Fondant. The possibilities are endless for all that you could create using fondant on cupcakes. You could use fondant to create flowers, shapes, cartoon characters, and much more.  The downside to making cupcake toppers is they can be really time consuming and if they were to get destroyed you would have make…

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How to Cover a Cake in Fondant, for Beginners.

When I started out making cakes, I was really intimidated by Fondant. the first time that I used fondant, I was extremely nervous and made many mistakes. It was so bad that the fondant completely stuck to the counter space.  I felt so defeated because I wanted to surprise my mom with a beautiful cake for her birthday. After a…

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