Apple Watch Cake

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When it comes to making 3D cakes, I actually love taking on the challenges that come with them. I also love how you can use cake to create all sorts of objects, movie and cartoon characters, and more. The idea to make this Apple Watch Cake came from my Fiance.

He’s a huge fan of Apple and thought it would be pretty cool to create a cake that looks like the Apple Watch. At first I was a little unsure that I could make something like this. But after thinking about how I could actually put this cake together, I came up with a simple way for putting this cake together.

This Apple Watch cake will definitely shock anyone who see it and it’s very simple to make. This tutorial will show you step by step how to create this Apple Watch Cake. So if you’re still feeling funky, let’s get into this thang!

What you’ll need: 


  • 2 Layers of Sheet Cake
  • 32 oz of buttercream or 32 oz of Ganache
  • Carving Knife
  • Poster Board
  • Print of the Apple Watch
  • 16 X 16 inch cake board
  • Fondant
  • Balling tool
  • Letter and Number Cutters
  • Circle Plungers
  • Fondant Rotary Cutter
  • Xacto Knife
  • Icing Spatula

Step number 1: Prepare your Apple Watch cut out

To prepare a template for the Apple Watch cake, print out a large picture of the actual Apple Watch. After printing out a large picture of the Apple Watch, cut out the shape of the Apple Watch and lay it over a piece of poster board to trace.

Trace the shape of the Apple Watch and cut it out using an Xacto Knife. Now that you have the shape of the Apple Watch you can now use this template to carve the cake. Please keep in mind that depending upon the serving size, you may need to print out a larger or smaller picture of the Apple Watch to make your template for the cake.

Step 2: carving the cake

Before carving the cake, make sure that the cake has frozen over night because this will help you to carve out a defined shape with precise edges. Place the template of the Apple Watch on top of the cake and begin carving the cake. For the actual face of the watch, you will carve out a small rectangular area up under the face of the watch on each side of the cake.

These spaces will be where you will place each watch band under the face of the watch. This is how you will get the exact look of the Apple Watch.  As you may already know, the watch band slides into the actual face of the watch and the edges look round.

Step 3: Crumb Coating the Cake

After carving the cake, the next step is to crumb coat the cake. Crumb coating the cake will lock in the moisture of the cake and secure the edges of the cake so that when it is covered in fondant, the surface will be strong enough to hold the fondant.

Using firm buttercream is also best to use when you are covering a cake 3d cake with fondant. The firm buttercream will crust over well and will act as a benefactor for the cake while it’s under the fondant. You can also use ganache for crumb coating the cake.

Ganache will also create firm surface for your cake and make it easier to achieve sharp edges and smooth sides for your cake after its covered in fondant.

Step 4: Covering the Cake in Fondant

For this Apple Watch Cake, you will cover each piece of the watch separately. Make sure to smooth out each surface and side of the cake so that it will look smooth and just like the Apple Watch. After you have covered each piece of cake in fondant, you will now put the cake together.

Step 5: Making the impressions for the Watch Band

First, you will start by using a Balling Tool to make the holes of the watch band. You will place the holes on to the longer watch band. As for the second part of the watch band, you will use a small knife to cut out the opening for the watch band on the opposite side of the watch band.

This is where the actual watch band slides into the oval opening of the watch band and it is locked in place with a metal dot. To make the metal dot, you will roll a small piece of fondant and cut each edge of it. Allow that small piece of fondant to dry for 15- 30 minutes.

While that piece of fondant is drying, you will then use a small piece of fondant and roll it into a ball. After each piece has dried, you will glue them together with the ball on top of the small piece of fondant that was rolled out. You will basically making the piece that locks the Apple Watch Band in place.

Step 6: Making the Watch Screen

For this cake, I chose to make the Apple Watch Screen that shows the rings and clock. Decided to go with this face because I love to see my progress through out the day and whether I have hit my goals for working out and the style of this clock is very easy to read.

You can choose to make any face of the cake because there are so many that you can choose from, so please use your creative ideas and make something great! If you’re really feeling creative, you could paint a picture or print out an edible picture of someone for the face of the watch. This would really shock someone who’s receiving this cake for their birthday or Holiday such as mothers day or fathers day.

To make the rings for the face of the watch, I used small circle plungers and just cut out a large circle and then used a small circle cutter to cut out a smaller circle so that I could use the ring left over from cutting out both circles. As for the clock, I used letter/number cutters to cut out numbers for the clock.

Step 7: Putting each Piece Together

Now that you have fully covered each part of the cake, which includes the face of the watch and both bands, you can now place each piece together onto the cake board.

Woohoo! You’ve just made an Apple Watch Cake!

I hope that you have not only learned something new when it comes to carving cakes and making your own templates, but have also had fun with it. This cake is perfect to make for those who are big fans of Apple, techies, and anyone who loves the Apple Watch.


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