6 Tips for Taking Professional Cake Photos

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When it comes to capturing the perfect shot for your cakes, things can become very tricky. There’s so many factors that come into play when it comes to capturing the best view of your cakes.

The lighting has to be just right, making sure you have cool backgrounds, and etc are just a few factors that are critical to capturing a gorgeous shot of your cakes. Now you don’t have to be a pro at photography, all you need to know are the basics to get the job done! Stay tuned to read the best 6 tips for taking professional cake photos.

Understanding how your camera works

If you will be using a phone, 9 time out of 10 you will be, I highly recommend adjusting your camera settings. Some phones such as the iPhone 12 come with portrait mode, that will automatically use the natural light setting while blurring out the background.

This feature is great because it focuses on the actual object and will guide you on how far away from the object you should be in order to capture a clean shot.

I’m not sure how other phones work, but I’m sure they all have adjustable settings that will allow you to change the brightness, focus, and more. Its’ best to practice here and there just to get a feel for things so when the time come to take a photo of your cake, you’ll be ready go.

Natural lighting

Natural lighting is not only free, but it provides the overall best look for your cakes. The only caveat to using Natural lighting depends on the time of day and weather.

I have learned that it’s great to take photos in the morning on a Sunny day and pretty difficult to capture a clean shot of a cake on a cloudy day. Here’s if where you will have to depend on artificial lighting.

using natural light for cake photos

Artificial lighting can sometimes cause dark spots to show up in your photo because it’s not as consistent as natural lighting. You can invest in a special type of artificial lighting that will mimic natural light, but we all know that can cost an arm and a leg. But if you are running a business, then it may not be bad to invest in.

Clean Background

Here is where I highly recommend using a backdrop for your photos. Most backdrops are reasonably priced and you can also use single colored or patterned poster boards as a backdrop for most 1-2 tier cakes.

backdrops for cake photos

But if you have a really tall cake thats over 3 tiers, make sure that the backdrop is taller and wider than the cake. If you have beautiful granite countertop with the backsplash to top it off, that will also work as a great backdrop. But make sure to clear out anything on your countertops, just to get the best shot of your cake.

Trust me, no one wats to see cups and junk in the back ground of a cake that looks delicious. It will send the wrong message to customers. No one wants to see your dirty pans and last night’s leftovers on the counter.

Finding The Best Angle

When it comes to finding the best angle, you will have to play around with few things. You can try adjusting your position whether it’s being up close or far away of the cake, rotating the phone or digital camera, or moving the cake.

taking photos of cakes from different angles

As you’re trying to capture the best angle, try not to stand directly in from of the cake because depending on where the lighting is coming in, you may block it off. You will more than likely end up with a dark silhouette around your cake in the photo.

Depending on the design of the cake, such as a texture, I will usually place the camera up close to the cake to get a close view of the texture. But there’s so many techniques you can try to find the best angle, I recommend trying them all to see what works best for you.

A Steady Shot

For those who have shaky hands when it come to taking a photo, try using a tripod. Any subtle movement can cause the photo to look blurry.

I can remember on countless occasions where I have taken several photos of a cake an all of them were not good. Once the cake was delivered or picked up, I no longer had the chance to retake them for a better shot.

Most of them were blurry because I was extremely tired from working on the for several hours. But aside from using a tripod, try working with the features on your phone or digital camera to prevent this from happening.

Adding Props

Props can also be used for cake photography as well. For example, it you will be taking a photo of a wedding cake try using artificial flowers or round metal arch as the cake stand.

using props in a cake photo

This will help to add style to your cake. The main goal here is the get the most out of the look for your cake.


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