4 Different Ways to Color Marshmallow Fondant

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In my previous article on How to make Marshmallow Fondant, we slightly touch on the the topic of coloring fondant and the different ways this can be achieved.

We all love how beautiful cakes look covered in fondant, but no one actually like the taste of it, especially if you’ve added too much coloring to it. So today, i’m going to show you my spin on coloring fondant and how it has worked for me over the past years.

Method 1: Traditional Liquid Food Coloring

Using Liquid Food Coloring will definitely help with coloring fondant. The great thing about using Traditional Liquid food coloring is that it’s very easy to find in any local grocery store and is very inexpensive.

You can either add the food coloring to the fondant by kneading it into the fondant, which can be pretty messy or you can add the food coloring to the marshmallow mixture which will help you to get the color that you want.

But keep in mind, that since traditional liquid food coloring is water based that you will have to add so much of it to get a darker tone and in return this can cause you’re fondant to dry out.

I know this to be true because when I first started out making cakes I didn’t understand what people meant by gradually adding the food coloring and not using too much. But I obviously found out the hard way and I’m actually glad I did because it helped me to grow.

Method 2: Gel Paste Food Coloring

Much like traditional liquid food coloring, Gel paste will color just about any type of dessert such as rolled fondant, macaroons, royal icing, cookie dough, cake batter, bread dough, frostings, gum paste and etc. You can find gel paste food coloring in most grocery stores and craft stores as well and believe it or not, its not pricey at all.

I prefer using Gel Paste Food Coloring over liquid food coloring because its highly concentrated and you only have to use a little to get a darker tone of color. You can also color fondant the same way as you would use liquid food coloring.

However, I HIGHLY recommend adding it to the marshmallow mixture first before adding in the powdered sugar because you won’t have to work so hard by kneading each drop into the fondant until you get the right color.

Please keep in mind to add drops of the gel paste a little at a time as well because you don’t wanna add too much, which will cause your fondant to dry out as well or have that yucky chemical taste.

Method 3: Food Coloring Powders

When it comes to coloring fondant and trying to achieve a really deep and darker tone, Food Coloring Powders are the way to go. Unlike liquid and gel paste food coloring, you cannot find it in your local grocery store or craft store.

I usually order the powders online and it can be a little pricey as well. You will pretty much get the color that you’re going for without altering the taste of the fondant.

This option is absolutely the best out of the traditional liquid and gel paste food coloring. At first it may take some trial and error, trying to achieve a desired color because you’ll have to knead small amounts of the powder into the fondant until you reach your desired color.

After you’ve kneaded the powder into the fondant, its best to let your fondant sit for at least 30 minutes prior to using it so that it can darken fully.

I absolutely love powders because the elasticity of the fondant stays the same and its a lovely thing when you don’t have cracks in your fondant from the liquid dye drying out your fondant.

Method 4: Jello Mix Powders

The taste of Marshmallow fondant is great, but a good way to kick it up a notch is by adding Jello Mix to it. Jello will help to add so many great different flavors to you fondant, making it more desirable on different types of desserts. You can find Jello mix in your local grocery store for the low low at about $0.50 per box.

When it comes to adding it to your fondant, it’s best to add it to the marshmallow mixture before adding in the powdered sugar. It’s great because you don’t have to worry about your fondant drying out from adding too much food coloring.

However, there is a con to using this option to color fondant. You will not be able to get really dark tones because each time that I made fondant using Jello mix, the colors were really light.  You will also have to add a little powdered sugar at a time because adding too much of it can cause it to be tough.

So what’s the best one to use?

With that being said, I’ll have to say that my best choice for coloring fondant is food coloring powders. They may be more expensive than all of the rest, but they will give you the best results.

I used to wonder how other bakers were able to make darker colors with fondant and after doing my research of course and trying them for myself, I figured it out.

I still use gel paste for fondant as well but I believe that its best to use it for lighter colors since you will not have to add much to achieve the right color.


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