3 Ultimate Safety Tips for a Successful Cake Delivery

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Delivering a cake can be a simple process, but if not properly prepared it can be a nightmare. I have never had any issues with delivering a cake and I dread the day where an accident may occur because there’s always a first time for everything unfortunately. 

But to avoid any accidents from occurring, it’s best to know everything about the ingredients that you used to make your cake and how they will react with the climate . It’s also best to know how to handle a cake while preparing it for delivery. 

Tip 1: Being aware of the environment/temperature

Making a cake in the summer is a night and day difference from making one in the winter. There’s only but so much that you can do as far as preparing the cake for those harsh temperatures. Therefore it’s best to recommend different types of frosting to your client that will withstand the heat.

For example, buttercream works pretty well in the heat. I have delivered and set up cakes at venues that were outdoors and the cake remained in good shape. So truly understanding the ingredients and how they would react to harsh temperatures, will ultimately help you successfully prepare for delivery. 

Tip 2: Properly Preparing your cake for delivery

When it comes to preparing a cake for delivery, I tend to go a little overboard. I always have in my mind that if there’s a way for something horrible to happen to your cake during a delivery, then it can most certainly happen. Now, I know that there’s no way to avoid all of the possibilities of an accident during a delivery, but properly preparing the cake sure can help you have a peace of mind. 

For cakes that are one and two tiers, I will usually wrap them in plastic wrap. Next, I will place a large piece of tape at the bottom of the box, and then set the cake on top of the piece of tape. This trick came to mind when I had to deliver a cake and the whole time, throughout the ride, I heard the cake slide back and forth inside the box whenever I made a turn. Thankfully, I have not had any cakes ruined without taping the cake down to the inside of the box. 

As for cakes that are 3 or more tiers, I will place two tiers, stacked on each other, in separate boxes just so that I do not risk them getting damaged. Once I arrive at the venue, I will then set up the cake. But if the cake is for pick up, I will place a large dowel in the center of the cake, stack each tier, and wrap it in plastic wrap.

After wrapping the cake in plastic wrap, place a piece of tape onto the inside of the box and sit the cake on top of the piece of tape. This will help the cake stay in place. To go a little overboard, you can add bubble wrap around the cake inside the box to prevent any damages as well. 

Tip 3: Driving at a moderate speed while delivering the cake

When it comes to delivering a cake. It’s best to drive with caution. Going over speed bumps at high speeds or even making a sharp turn may cause harm to a cake. Therefore it’s best to properly place your cake in the vehicle that you will be using for delivery, while moderately driving. I do understand that sometimes the unordinary can happen but it best to be prepared at all times. 

The way that I prepare my cakes for delivery is very simple. Always make sure that the cake is on a flat surface like the trunk of the car. A SUV or a mid size vehicle is perfect for delivering cakes. But if you do not have a SUV or mid-sized vehicle, make sure that the cake is sitting on a flat surface to prevent it from leaning and potentially ruining the cake. 

Another factor to add to driving at a moderate rate it allowing yourself extra time to deliver the cake. If you know that you have to drive at a specific speed to avoid any damages to the cake, then it is best to allow yourself an extra 30 minutes to arrive to the venue, just to avoid the risk of being late or trying to speed to the venue to get there on time to avoid being late. 

No More Bad Deliveries!

If anyone asks which part of the process is the easiest, I will definitely say decorating the cake because delivering a cake makes my anxiety levels shoot through the roof. I could not imagine delivering a cake that has been damaged somewhere along the commute to the venue. But with these tips, that are tried and true, you will definitely have an idea of how to prepare your cakes for the ride.

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