Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies Cakes

admin / February 11, 2020

This Valentines Day, I decided to try something a little different. At first I was going to make a heart shaped geode cake but, I wanted to make something that was quick and easy to make. Something so easy that a child could make. That’s when I came up with the idea of making mini cakes that look like sugar…

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How to make the perfect 3D Edible Figurine

admin / January 13, 2020

3D Figurines have always been the grand finishing touch on a cake. They help to enhance the look of any cake. 3D figurines can be made with fondant, rice Krispy, or even gum paste. To make the figurine more realistic, you can use objects such as PVC pipe, metal or wood dowels, For this method of making a 3D Figurine,…

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A Super Easy Guide to Making a Smash Cake

admin / October 29, 2019

Personally, I love birthdays! I love celebrating life and making someone feel special on their birthday. One way that I and many other bakers in the world make individuals and loved ones birthday feel special is by making them a birthday cake. Birthday cakes are fun and super cool to make. They’re not as stressful to make like a wedding…

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3 Ultimate Safety Tips for a Successful Cake Delivery

admin / August 13, 2019

Delivering a cake can be a simple process, but if not properly prepared it can be a nightmare. I have never had any issues with delivering a cake and I dread the day where an accident may occur because there’s always a first time for everything unfortunately.  But to avoid any accidents from occurring, it’s best to know everything about…

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The difference between Icing, Frosting, and Buttercream

When I first started out baking, I always thought that icing, frosting, and buttercream were the same thing. I know this may sound pretty silly, but that’s how little I knew about desserts. The only thing I knew was that they all tasted very good. After doing some research and learning more about desserts, I soon discovered that they are…

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